Friday, January 21, 2005

...Like I Own The Place

As an intern, I've learned early on that it's best to relax, make yourself at home, and wait for your supervisors to come to you. This inevitably gives the appearance that I am an office bigshot or that I "own the place."

Recently, a coworker -- wait, no. Co-worker implies that I also work, and, as this blog shows, it seems pretty obvious that I don't. Anyway, a person who also exists at Comedy Central asked me, "Andy, why do you walk around like you own the place?"

I was a little insulted. This person had seen me for over a week, and already he was mislabeling my walks. If I owned the place, my walk would take the form of a strut. It does not. My walk resembles more of a waltz, which could never imply owernship. Owners don't waltz, they strut. People who waltz don't own, they lease.

So, in a charismatic yet firm voice, I replied, "Sir, I walk around merely as if leasing this place! Now I'll say good day to you!" And that was that.

Don't strut, interns. Know your place.


At 10:58 PM, Blogger marie said...

You don't really waltz or strut. I prefer to think of it as a cross between a waddle and a skip. You know- that gimpish sort of walk. And when someone asks why you walk around like you own the place say to them "I do, foolish mortal." Ahh those mortals... so foolish.

At 8:31 PM, Blogger Sarah Eliza said...

I'm wondering though, isn't a waltz a little carefree fora leaseer? Where I come from you can always tell a squatter by his waltz. And house sitters prefer the polka.

At 10:14 PM, Blogger staticfurrball said...

Depending on the dress, the shoes, and the affair I like a heavy elephant footed crash through the halls at work, it gives fair warning for everyone else to get out of my way. I tend to zip to and through the day with very little personal contact with people. A waltz is very carefree and acceptable. A strut is too posh and standoffish.

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