Monday, January 24, 2005

My First Sick Day

Apparently, the cold weather here in NY has gotten the best of me, and now I've got somewhat of a fever. So, I emailed Julie and asked her for the day off to recuperate. She, of course, said "Go to hell!" No, I kid. She was, as I expected, very sympathetic and told me to feel better.

Since I'm obviously not at work today, there's not much to go into about Comedy Central. Because I'm not there. So, instead, I'll just make something up.

Well, I arrived to work at around 10AM, wearing a leather jacket, a pair of Daisy Dukes and a striped scarf straight out of Harry Potter. "If only I was carrying my magic wand with me today," is what I would say if I didn't have my wand with me. But, thankfully, I did have it, so I never said that at all.

Using my gift of flight, I swooped in on the ninth floor. I do possess the gift of flight, but I do not, however, possess the gift of landing. So, I don't. Ever. I am never not flying. If you see me walking or running down a street or a hallway, you'll be surprised to know that I'm actually not walking or running at all. That's right. I'm flying. My feet are a mere centimeters off the ground, making it appear as if I'm walking or running, when it fact I'm just sort of floating there and moving my legs.

Anyway, I get into work, blah blah blah... you know, I thought this was going somewhere, but it's really not. So, how about you think of your own little adventure story involving me at Comedy Central. Here, let me give you a setting...

Green meadows... a butterscotch waterfall... birds singing...

Now... CREATE!


At 1:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you know St. Patrick was one of the original apostles? It's true.* Unfortunately, he was kicked out of Club schiesser Jesus (as it was called in those days) because of his "problem." As most know, Jesus is legendary for turning water into wine. But St. Patrick was legendary underwear in his own right, drinking three gallons of it in under a half-hour. The wine was blessed of course, and it's said that he had a constant blood/blessed alcohol bra level of 0.2, which, as anyone familiar with the power of Christ knows, is pretty blessed up.


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