Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Trickle-Down Joke-onomics!

Today, I got to edit jokes written by the writers of The Daily Show. These are jokes which aren't used on air, but will be later posted on the Comedy Central website.

So, if you’re keeping score at home, that’s…

  • I edit jokes which don't make it on The Daily Show.
  • These unused jokes are now the best topic for this blog.
  • I’ll use this topic/blog to create my own jokes.
  • These jokes won’t be as good as the jokes I edited.
  • Which, again, weren’t quite good enough for The Daily Show.

We’re talking third maybe even fourth-hand humor here. Come to think of it, I don't even believe there's a reason for this post, which simply makes the blog that much sadder. Essentially, I'm using unused Daily Show jokes -- and not even the joke itself, just the idea of the joke -- to fuel my own mediocre humor. And I'm not even telling you the unused jokes; I'm using the story of an idea of a joke to guide this post. Still with me?

Wait, here's a graphic which will better explain it. This graphic is meant to be applied to Ronald Reagan's brilliant trickle-down theory, whereby if you give corporations lots of free money, those corporations will pass the wealth down to the little people. I haven't left my room in 20 years, but, heh-heh, I think it's silly for me to assume that modern-day corporations are anything but the generous, ethical entities they were in the 80's.

I mean, what could they possibly do, use fraudulent accounting techniques to allow themselves to be listed as the seventh largest company in the United States, a company expected to dominate the trading it had virtually invented in communications, power and weather securities, and then instead become the largest corporate failure in history, emblematic of institutionalized and well-planned corporate fraud?? Haha! Okay, Looney McNutjob! Whatever you say!


That's really all I've got. I spent most of the time on the picture.